Crippled Black Phoenix

With their genre-defying dark atmosphere, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX have over and over proven themselves in the music world, both on record and on stage.

Justin Greaves : Guitars, Drums, Bass, Samples, Saw
Belinda Kordic : Vocals, Percussions
Helen Stanley : Grand Piano, Synthesisers, Monochord, Trumpet
Andy Taylor : Guitar, Baritone Guitar, 12 String Guitar
Joel Segerstedt: Vocals, Guitar

Discography (summary):
A Love of Shared Disasters (2007)
The Resurrectionists (2009)
Night Raider (2009)
I, Vigilante (2010)
(Mankind) The Crafty Ape (2012)
No Sadness or Farewell (2012)
White Light Generator (2014)
New Dark Age (2015)
Bronze (2016)
Great Escape (2018)
Elleng├Žst (2020)
Banefyre (2022)

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