A brief summary with some of the equipment we use. All backline is available to the bands to borrow during recording except where otherwise specified!
Intel Core i5 4670K, 8Gb RAM
SSL Alphalink AX converter
CubasePro v9
WavelabPro v9
iZotope RX5
Focusrite Liquidmix
Mackie MCU Pro + 2x XT Pro
Plugins from Softube, Slate Digital, Waves, Soundtoys, DDMF, iZotope, IK Multimedia, Valhalla, Cytomic, etc.

Trident HG-3
Genelec 8040
Yamaha NS-10M w P2200 amp
Audient Centro monitor controller

Amps and Cabs
EVH 5150 III 50W
Framus Cobra
Marshall JCM800, 2203 model
Marshall Valvestate, 8100 model
Mesa Boogie Trem-o-verb
Fender Twin Reverb Blackface
Roland JC-120
Orange DualTerror
Orange Rockerverb Mk II 100W
Peavey 5150, Folkesson mod
Peavey Bandit 112 combo, 80W model
Marshall 1960B 4x12"
Marshall 1960BX 4x12"
Mesa Boogie Traditional 4x12"

1x Audient ASP008 8ch Preamp
1x dbx 1086 Channel Strip
2x CAPI VP28 Preamps
2x CAPI VP312DI Preamps
6x CAPI VP312 Preamps
1x Gyraf G9 2ch Valve Preamp
2x Total Audio Control Micpre One
1x SoundSkulptor MP573 Preamp
1x RME Quadmic 4ch preamp
1x CLM Expounder dynamic EQ
2x Total Audio Control EQ One
1x SoundSkulptor EQ573
2x WesAudio LC-EQP
1x WesAudio Beta76
1x WesAudio 1176
1x GSSL Mixbus Comp
2x Urei LA-4, modded
1x dbx 160A Compressor
1x dbx 266XL Compressor

Effect Processors
Kemper Profiling Amplifier
Tech21 PSA-1.1
Yamaha REV 7
TC Electronic M-One XL
Digitech GSP-2101
Line6 PodXT

2x ADK A51
2x AKG D112
1x AKG C1000-S
2x AKG C418
1x Audio Technica AE3000
2x Audix D6
1x Audix i5
2x BeyerDynamic MC930 (stereo pair)
1x BeyerDynamic M201TG
5x Line Audio CM3
2x Røde K2
1x Røde NT3
1x Shure KSM44
1x Shure SM7B
4x Shure SM81
2x Shure Beta52
1x Shure Beta57
2x Shure Beta91
4x Shure SM57
4x Sennheiser e604
1x Sennheiser e609
5x Sennheiser MD421
Roland and Ddrum triggers

Drum Backline
Sonor Phonic Plus 2x20/8/10/12/13/14/16"
Tama Rockstar Pro 22/10/12/14/16"
Tama Swingstar 22/8/10/12/13/14/16"
Yamaha Maple Custom 4x14" Snare
Ludwig Supra Phonic -71 5x14" Snare
Sonor Phonic 8x14" Beechwood Snare
Pearl Masters Premium Maple 5x14" Snare
Pearl Free Floating Brass 5x14" Snare
Tama PBS255 Brass 5.5x14" Snare
Tama Rockstar Pro 6.5x14" Snare
Tama Swingstar 6.5x14" Snare
Zildjian cymbals (available for rent)

Arion SMM-1 Metal Master
Boss MT-2 Metalzone
Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion
Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal MIJ
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Boss CH-1 SuperChorus
Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor
BYOC TS-808 clone
BYOC DS-1 clone, modded
Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby Wah
Dunlop Zakk Wylde signature Wah
Ebow Plus
EBS Multidrive
EBS Metaldrive
EBS Multicomp
Ibanez TS9 TubeScreamer
MXR M101 Phase 90
Proco Rat 2
Little Labs RedEye3D
Radial Design J48 DI
2x Countryman Type85
1x BSS AR-133 DI