About Us

About Us

NBS Production is a Swedish artist management company, rendering its services to a small roster of select artists and focusing primarily on metal music.

Our mission stems from years of working with production management for live music events, something that was gradually expanded to include more and more of what would typically be attributed to management services, which was finally realized in 2019. While the initial plan had been to focus on one artist exclusively, more acts have since been added.

We believe that one of our core strengths is that everyone involved with NBS has several years of experience with touring and will therefore have good understanding of what is required while our artists are on the road. This, paired with a good insight into the inner workings of the music industry, allows us to offer what we like to call a “centralized approach”, where we try to not outsource tasks too much to avoid the extra layer of confusion that can come as a result. We rely on our expertise and past experience to help us in our endeavor to maximize the potential for our artists and make them grow in all fields.


Owner and founder Tore Stjerna has been active in the music business in various forms since the mid-90’s, most notably as founder of NBS Studio (a.k.a. Necromorbus Studio) which has been home to hundreds of bands over the years, primarily in the metal genre. He also ran the record label Next Horizon Records, and apart from releasing records worked with distribution and merchandising, and selling records and other items at festivals and concerts around Europe.

He gradually started focusing more on live sound, working as front of house engineer more or less exclusively for Swedish black metal act Watain, and eventually also for Mayhem. This eventually led to more involvement in the production side of things and laid the foundation for what became NBS Production.