NBS Studio (a.k.a. Necromorbus Studio) is a recording studio located in Sweden, where we for more than 25 years have worked with numerous artists, primarily in the metal and rock genres. Starting out mainly as a demo recording facility, the studio has grown over the years to become well established in the scene. Nowadays we work almost exclusively with larger scale productions, as well as mixing and mastering material that has been recorded elsewhere.

The studio has historically been located in Stockholm, Sweden, but since 2019 we have branched into two facilities. The Stockholm facility is nowadays known as Studio B, while a new Studio A is located in Söderfors north of Uppsala. The new studio is under construction but is already in commission, albeit in a more primitive form. Being housed in a former baptist church, it features a large main hall of 154m2 (1658sqft) with a generous 7m (23ft) ceiling, ideal for big sounding rock drums.

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