NBS Studio (a.k.a. Necromorbus Studio) is a recording studio located in Söderfors, Sweden. Founded in 1995, we have worked with numerous artists over the years, primarily in the metal and rock genres. Starting out mainly as a demo recording facility, the studio has grown over the years to become well established in the scene. Nowadays we work almost exclusively with larger scale productions, as well as mixing and mastering material that has been recorded elsewhere.

The studio is now in its fourth incarnation. Having started out as a typical ‘bedroom studio’ many moons ago, there have been two other facilities around Stockholm, and we have now finally settled for Söderfors a picturesque small town north of Uppsala, Sweden. Being housed in a former baptist church, the studio features a large main hall with a tall ceiling, ideal for things like big sounding rock drums and acoustical instruments in general. We also have plenty of space to house a full band for the duration of a production.

The studio was designed by Ingemar Ohlsson — a renowned designer who is responsible for countless recording studios, concert halls and music venues around Sweden — ensuring a well-balanced and controlled sound in all rooms and a very linear sounding control room.

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