All prices mentioned on this page are subject to Swedish VAT (25%) where applicable.


Prices for production will depend a lot on the needs and requirements in each specific case. If you are interested in working with us for a full production, please get in contact so we can discuss the conditions. We will offer you an estimate based on the nature of the project outline.


Prices for mixing are calculated on a per-project basis. Different mix jobs have different requirements and there are numerous things that will factor into pricing. If you need additional services, such as reamping or additional clean-up or editing, this will also affect the total price.

Please contact us for an estimate. Try to describe the project a bit and let us know what you are looking for. After establishing what is needed in your specific case, you will receive a budget estimate. As long as the project stays within what has been initially discussed, we will stick to the estimate and make sure that things don’t go over budget. To give you a rough idea of what to expect, most full length album mixes we work with end up somewhere between 1800 and 4000 euros.

It is also highly recommended that you contact us before you even start recording. There are certain steps you can take during recording to make the mixing process smoother, and depending on your direction we can offer some tips and advise on how to do things to accommodate for the best possible end result.


Mastering prices are calculated on a per song basis, with additional charges depending on delivery method. The term “song” is used with discretion; very long tracks will invoke additional charges.

Click here for mastering prices

All prices in EUR
1 song 100
2 songs 160
3 songs 240
4 songs 300
5 songs 350
6 songs 400
7 songs 450
8+ songs (or over 40 minutes total) 500
DDPi/WAV-CUE electronic delivery Free
PMCD master disc (including shipping) 50
Additional master disc 25
Audio reference disc 20

Prices include one revision. Further revisions will be billed hourly at 50 euros per hour.

More information about delivery format and other details is avaiable HERE!

When providing files for mastering, please fill in and send us this Mastering Work Order as well.

Drum Editing

Prices for drum editing will highly depend on the nature of the project. Get in touch for more information.


If you have guitar or bass DI tracks, we can help you out with reamping through our arsenal of rigs. Prices will depend on the time that is required and is charged hourly, but generally for a full length album, quad tracked guitars and some leads, you will be looking at something around 300-400 euros.


Please get in contact for a price quote on restoration. We will need to know more about the job to be able to narrow this down.