Mastering Work Order

Not required
Digital distribution version is based on CD version but is more suitable for streaming services.
The most common delivery format is DDPi. Select other options only if you/your label requires it
Provide proof read information in separate email!
Unless the pressing plant requires something else, go with the first option.
Describe where the splits between the sides of the vinyl go.
BE AWARE that long play time per vinyl sides also means lower sound quality. Please refer to our general mastering delivery information for more details.
NOTE: Making louder masters basically distorts the sound. It can be done transparently to a certain degree; the balance of the mix will also be a determining factor though. Understand that the louder you go, the more a detrimental effect it has on the material. The "commercial levels" choice is highly ambiguous; the trend of pushing masters to extreme levels is (luckily) dying so a 2008 release may differ a lot from a 2018 release.
NOTE: ISRC codes are not required, but will be embedded if provided. If the ISRC codes follow the standard incremental form, you only have to fill in the first code. We will automatically generate the additional codes.